ⓘ ছিটা


ⓘ ছিটা

  • Plumbago europaea L. – Common Leadwort Mediterranean Basin to central Asia
  • Plumbago aphylla Bojer ex Boiss. Madagascar region
  • Plumbago scandens L. sometimes included in P. zeylanica – Summer Snow Leadwort Southern United States south to northern South America
  • Plumbago pulchella Boiss. Mexico
  • নীল চিতা Plumbago auriculata Lam. syn. P. capensis – দক্ষিণ আফ্রিকা
  • Plumbago indica L. syn. P. rosea Southeast Asia
  • Plumbago caerulea Humboldt, Bonpl. & Kunth syn. P. coerulea Western South America - northern Chile to Colombia
  • Plumbago wissii Friedrich Namibia
  • Plumbago zeylanica L. – Ceylon Leadwort

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  • Caldecott, Todd ২০০৬। Ayurveda: The Divine Science of Life । Elsevier/Mosby। আইএসবিএন 0-7234-3410-7। Contains a detailed monograph on Plumbago zeylanica Chitraka as well as a discussion of health benefits and usage in clinical practice. Available online at